Fri 14 Jul 2023 07:31

Welcome to the membership section of the Kenilworth RFC website. Here we have laid out key points of contact, guidelines for requesting or updating membership and the current list of membership schemes available.

Please also note that our memberships include a great value season ticket option providing entry to all 1st XV home fixtures!

I am sure that you can appreciate that timely payment of membership is important for the club. This season’s membership is due by;

  • Senior Players and Non Playing Members: 1st September 2023
  • Mini & Junior Players: 1st October 2023 (or after 2 trials if joining mid-season)

If payment has not been received in a timely manner, then the relevant team manager / lead coach will be informed, and players will not be able to participate in fixtures and training until the balance has been settled.

Key contacts:

Club Membership Secretary: Steve Ramus –

M&J Membership Secretary: Steve Ramus -

Adult Male Player Registration:  Yann Lawrence -

Adult Women's Membership Secretary:  Emma Dootson -

New members: Please start by clicking this  link and following the instructions to register your details and the details of any children who will be joining Kenilworth RFC. If you are registering a mini and junior player, ensure that at least one adult and all playing child members for the family are entered at the same time to ensure that the appropriate price discounts are applied.

Once all the details have been entered, you will be emailed your account details and will need to validate them (by clicking a link in an e-mail sent to you by the GMS), you will then be able to log into GMS and purchase the appropriate membership. See a current listing of the membership schemes available together with pricing.

Existing members (Senior players and non-playing members): You will be sent an automatic payment request from GMS.  If you wish to change your membership scheme (such as taking out the season ticket option) then please email Emma Dootson (Womens Team) or Steve Ramus and they will be happy to assist.

Existing members can also log into the GMS system using the following  link .

Existing members (Mini & Junior members): Two seasons ago the RFU implemented changes affecting the membership and player registration process for children under 18. These changes are designed to enable the club and RFU to comply with GDPR and ensure that information held about your child is correct. Please click  here  and follow the instructions and supporting guidance to re-register and make membership payment for your child / children at Kenilworth RFC this season.



Adult Player - £150

Adult Student Player (Full time student only) - £85

Life Membership - £2,500

Non-Playing Member - £130

Non-Playing Member with Season Ticket (Vice President) - £170

Season ticket - includes entry to all 1st XV home games + £40 per adult
(50% discount for Adult Players if purchased at the time of membership renewal) 


One Playing Child – £130

Parent/Guardian Membership (Mandatory for M&J Player) - £0

Subsequent Playing Children - £70 each (£60 discount)


There are both single annual payment and monthly direct debit options available.  The Direct Debit option will have an £8 annual fee applied to cover administration costs.

Qualification for student memberships and reduced subscription rates for any other reason will be determined at the discretion of the Senior Committee.