Welcome to the Kenilworth Under 7s rugby team

Under 7s rugby at Kenilworth is a sporting activity for both boys and girls in Year 2. We have an enthusiastic team of parents who comprise the coaching team and they are dedicated to making the Sunday morning exercise a fun and skills-based experience for all.

The aims of the Under 7s are to:

  • Teach the children the fundamentals of the game of rugby (without tackling or contact at this stage)
  • Instil some fitness aspects in their weekly exercise routine
  • Develop discipline in the sporting environment without detracting from the fun aspects
  • Expose the children to a real teamwork-based environment that encourages their behaviour to mature in a social environment
  • Fun, fun and more fun!

His first 'serious' game of rugby!

If you would like to join our rugby club please contact Deep below:

Coach Contacts
Name Email Phone
Deep Lehal k_s_lehal@hotmail.com 07886 404986